Take a look at Barkow Leibinger’s ‘Kinetic Wall’ interview at the Venice Biennale

At Godfrey Architects Devon, we are always looking to draw inspiration from techniques and ideas from other influential architects. This helps to evolve our thought processes, even if it’s not always transferable to current projects.  Barkow Leibinger has created something special.

We recently discovered a recent article which took a look at Venice Biennale website ‘Elements of Architecture’ exhibition, which featured a room dedicated to the Wall, which traced the development and evolution of walls over time. It starts with archaic walls and finishes with Barkow Leibinger’s iconic ‘Kinetic Wall‘.

Arch Daily website (AD) caught up with the Kinetic Wall’s architects, Frank Barkow and Regine Leibinger, to learn more about the vision and thought process that went into the design of this expanding and retracting elastic wall. “It’s very ephemeral, very light, but an idea of a kind of maybe not too far away future, that’s spatial. It changes the space that we’re standing in by moving back and forth. It has a kind of front, it has a back, it’s a little tongue-in-cheek,” Barkow Leibinger explained.

A series of motorised points extend and retract the wall’s translucent synthetic material, creating peaks and valleys. Two layers of gridded fabric produce a moiré effect, “the second scale of movement, that is translucent/ephemeral,” according to a project description on Barkow Leibinger’s website.

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